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Midnight Cry - 1965 - Preached in Hendersonville, NC.

"God is a spirit, you can't see God with your natural eyes. The Bible says the Holy Spirit, the spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive because it seeth Him not. The world can only receive what they see, but they can't receive the Holy Ghost because they can't see it. But The Bible said the pure in heart would see God. He said the eyes of your understanding would be enlightened, and you'd be able to see God through the eyes of your understanding. You can comprehend the heights and the depth and the width of God. And so it is, we see in this day as The Lord is coming to us. We see as He is calling to us, and we see the rapture fixing to take place. Remember this: the word 'millennium,' the word 'rapture,' those are man-made applications. The word 'initial evidence,' that's a man-made application. There is no such word in The Bible as 'initial evidence!' No such word as 'millennium,' no such word as 'rapture' in The Bible! But instead, in the place of 'rapture' Paul said a change. A change, we shall be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump, from mortality to immortality! And then shall we be caught up to meet God."

"You can't join this church, there's no way you can join this church, there's no way you can put your name on a roll and get in this church. You can join denominations, you can join the churches of the world, but brother when you get into this you're born into it by the spirit and the power of God's own revelation. You come in through the doorway, Jesus Christ, into this great body. You become a member of this body by divine birth, and there's no other way that you can get into Him."

"You remember there's three major men in the earth. Our Brother Branham is one of them as the type of the Holy Ghost, and Oral Roberts is one of them as the type of the Son of God, and Billy Graham is one of them as the type of the Father. Billy Graham's message doesn't save the world, but it gives them a knowledge of sin, that they might be condemned in the day of judgment because they know to do good and won't do it. Those people never repent and serve God, it's just to give a knowledge so they'll be condemned. Oral Roberts is preaching a message of faith, while Billy Graham preaches the law. Oral Roberts is preaching a message of faith, and he's drawing the people to him, but it's the church world he's drawing, and they'll go right into the national council of churches. Right into the national council of churches, and right into the great tribulation if it was not for the mercy of God. Then we see Brother William Branham, a type of the Holy Ghost, as he calls to the bride, as he woos the bride and gives revelation to the bride, calling the bride away for that rapture, that they might not stay in this world."

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