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No Healing Medicine - 1968 - Preached in Atlanta, GA.

"The reason the world today is sick is because they sinned and come short of the glory of God. I know we love to make our sickness sound every way but like it was caused from sin. We love to think that God is putting us through a chastisement, you know, and that God is responsible for all of our sickness, and that we are like Job was, and that we haven't done anything wrong, and the whole world is down on us. But brother, the reason the world is sick today is because of their sins. And I want you to know there's not very many Jobs in the land today. I know that we get sick. I know that we go through hardships, and I know that we have troubles and we have problems. And I want you to know there's not very many Jobs in the day in which we're living. Now then, the church world, I realize that the church world as a whole is God's Job, I know that. If we take the church world as a whole, I know that it's God's Job. But he says here, he says that the whole world has no healing medicine. The mental institutions are filling up. The hospitals are filled up, and you can't even hardly get a room at the hospital anymore. Even though we've got more medicine than we've ever had, but still at the same time we can't seem to find any healing medicine. What's the matter? It's because thine iniquities have reached up to Heaven, The Bible says. And because they've reached up to Heaven they've come up before God."

"We're not making believe. We've made believe so long, until when the preacher gets up to preach everybody's expecting some kind of a show! They're not interested in what he says, they wanna see what kind of doings is gonna happen, what kind of act he's gonna put on. Why, they don't have any sincerity about them. Some fellow was talking to me one time about listening to the preacher, and what a beautiful message was preached, and I don't know what all. And while the person was doing the talking I said, "What did the preacher preach on?" He said, "Well I don't know." I don't know. I said, "Well how in the world are we gonna grow in the grace and knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ if we don't even know what the preacher preaches on?" I tell you, folks we need to get sincere with God. We need to get a hold to the word! When the preacher comes to preach the word we need to listen at him."

"Why is it that there's no healing medicines among us? Did you know that even God's word can't heal you? Even God's word can't reach you. You've gone beyond the reach of God! He said, "My hand, My arm is not short that I cannot reach you or save you." He said, "But thine iniquities have separated between you and your God." "I can't get to you," He said. That's where the problem is. It says here, thine iniquities have reached up to Heaven. Thine iniquities are standing in between you and God."

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