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No Satan - 1980 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA

“There is nothing in the world to look forward to. There is absolutely nothing that you can obtain unto in the world that would be a benefit. And it’s for sure that’s there’s nothing that you can give in exchange for your soul, not anything. That means that we should, while we’ve got breath in our body, while we’ve got understanding, we should do something in the behalf of our future. Isn’t that right? People say, “I’m sending my children to college because I am interested in their future.” That’s foolishness. You’re not really interested in your child’s future. Now, you might be interested in your child’s future by sending them to college, in that you’ve never come in contact with God, and you don’t even know what the future is. That’s the only future you know about. But I want you to know, if you ever come in contact with God, and you come to know what the future’s all about, then you’ll know that sending your child to college for a future is foolishness. There is no future in this world. There is no future in this world. I remember how God turned me around when I built me a home. And I had me a little piece of ground, and I was just a-working in the yard and I was saying, “You know, I’m preparing for the future, I’m preparing for the future.” And I never will forget when God said, “What future?” And it shocked me, and I said, “Well everybody prepares for the future. You know, the future.” And I got to thinking, and something said to me, “Wars, tornadoes, epidemics, wrecks on the highway, problems, heartaches, broken homes….,” on and on and on. And I said, “My God, my God, there ain’t no future!” And I heard a little voice whisper, “There is a future, my son, but it’s with me.” Did you know there’s no future except in Jesus? There is no future except in the Spirit. If you get in the Spirit then you’ve got a future. If you don’t get in the Spirit you don’t have a future. All you’ve got is a hole in the ground. And the Bible said Hell from beneath hath moved to meet thee at thy coming and enlarged itself without measure, all because of your sins. So then, there is no future except in God.”

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