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Perfection - 1967 - Preached in Mt. Airy, NC.

"What is charity? Well, there's a lot of definitions in our human mind for charity. But there's one positive definition with God for charity! Now then, I'd love to discuss it a little bit with you tonight and see what you think about God's way of charity. I'd love to just take a little bit of time, and kind of break it down step-by-step, and see how you feel about charity. Now then, Paul here, in his expression, says how he doesn't agree with the churches of today, that is, the Pentecostal churches. I wish you'd notice here that when Paul speaks, he doesn't make tongues a test of fellowship like the churches of today do! Paul had all-together a different idea from the Assemblies of God, the Churches of God, the Pentecostal Holiness, and what have you. Paul had all-together a different view of it! A different outlook. Now then, you might say, "What makes you think that Paul has the right to go above all the people of today?" Because he was an authority on it. He was the one that was sent for the last-day restoration of the Church of the Living God! It was to be Paul's teachings that was to bring it about in the last days. He was the man that held the revelation of the great mysteries of God. He said, "I am a Stewart, I have the mysteries of God," and he said, "in as much as I am an apostle to the gentile church, I magnify my office." So then, he is our apostle. And yet Paul, he definitely enters into dispute with the churches of today! He does not agree with the churches of today. You go to the churches of today, and in the average church, they will make tongues a test of fellowship. They don't care if you drink, they don't care if you smoke, they don't care if you dip, if you curse, they don't care if you sit home and watch home movies. They don't care what you do, just as long as you speak in tongues you can get in the church! Brother I'll tell you right now, God never did have no such system."

"He said there's one thing that makes you know you've passed from death unto life, one thing, and that is, love. That's all, my brother. Speaking in tongues won't do it, prophecy won't do it, miracles won't do it. How many of you know that Balaam worked miracles and still wasn't right with God?"

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