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Present Day Truth - 1964 - Preached in High Point, NC.

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

"The present truth of this age is the message of perfection."

"But today I'm looking for present truth! I'm looking for the light of today. I'm looking for the inspiration of today. And so it is, if I try to live in the blessings of yesterday then I get dead faith. I get a message that's not inspired. I get a truth that's not a present truth. for instance, if I tell Brother Joe, if I were to come to him three years ago and say, "Joe you've got to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins," that would have been good, because he had a need for that. And never having heard that message, never having walked in that light, Joe would have been inspired by the Holy Spirit, full of the anointing, and those words would have been spirit and they would have been life! They would have been inspirational! They would have lifted him up and encouraged him, and brought him to the life of Jesus Christ! Then if I come three years later, and I say, "Joe you need to be baptized in Jesus' name," what would I tell him that for? He's already done that. It's not inspirational to him anymore. He doesn't need that anymore, he's already entered into that truth. He's already been inspired to that. That was yesterday's truth! But Peter said, "I'd have you established in the present truth." In today's truth. In the message of the hour."

"'What is truth?" Pilate said. What is truth? The truth is that God is gonna burn that preacher and his congregation in Hell! That's the truth. What is truth? The truth is if you continue to dress immodest, and dress contrary to the word of God, God's gonna burn you in Hell. "What is truth?" Pilate said, "Tell me what is truth." Truth is if a preacher doesn't preach right, God is gonna cut him off and burn his fields. He'll close up the doors to the church if they don't preach the truth (if they don't do right). What is truth? Somebody said, "I know that I've got the Holy Ghost." What is the Holy Ghost anyway? The Bible said He is the spirit of truth, and when He comes He will reprove the world of sin."

"I spoke to somebody one time and I said, "If somebody don't preach on the clothes line, there won't be any clothes on the line to preach on." I said it like this, "If somebody don't start preaching dressing Holiness, then there won't be any clothes at all!" The Bible said they'll get plum naked, just like He found Adam and Eve in the garden. It's just about that way now. We was over here in the trailer court in Macon, Georgia, a couple young ladies about fourteen or fifteen or sixteen years old come over to my trailer dressed in shorts, just as tight as they could be. Great big ole' girls. I said, "Young ladies, I tell you what, you're welcome at Brother Pike's trailer, but you'll have to go home and put on some clothes." I said, "I just don't tolerate nothing like that around here." And the little ladies was so startled, they said, "Well we don't mind wearing dresses, but Momma said it's too much trouble to wash up." She didn't want no clothes on the line, did she?"

"Brother you don't shout through sound doctrine, you endure sound doctrine."

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