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Questions and Answers - 1979 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"The hair subject amounts to one thing: long and short. You know, I said this one time, have you ever compared a Greyhound bus to an Austin, or one of the little cars like a Pinto? A product I believe Ford makes. Have you ever compared them? If Brother Taylor drove up out here in a little Pinto or an Austin, and I drove up in a big Greyhound bus, would you have any trouble telling which was short and which was long? Everybody that would, I'd like for you to raise your hand. See, there isn't any trouble about telling what's short and long, now is there? So then we know what's short and what's long. Ok now, no mechanic in his right mind would take the drive-shaft that's under a Greyhound bus and try to put it under an Austin. He'd say, "That's too long." No one would take the drive-shaft in a Austin and try to make it fit a Greyhound bus. He'd say, "That's too short." So then by the same token, nobody's gonna take short hair and try to convince you that it's long when they're in their right mind. And they're not gonna try to take long hair and convince you that it's short if they're in their right mind. And if a person's got a lust devil they're not in their right mind."

"Insanity shows in types a person that gets in the mind of Satan. So then, that woman's hair, coming down on her shoulders, to let the government be upon the shoulders. That woman, we'll try to say this briefly, that woman is a type of the church, that man is a type of Jesus (or Christ). That woman's hair should be on her shoulders, because the government is on the shoulders of the church, and that hair shows her husband's control over her. The reason that women have worn short hair so long in America for the last few ages or decade, these decades that's passed by, it is because it has shown the rebellious church. That the church has cut off the glory of God, that is the covering of the word. You've heard me preach you cover with a covering, not of His. Took away the glory of God that controlled the spirit of the church, took it away. These long dresses has to do with the restoration. They've done that, and when you see a woman that controls her husband, that woman is possessed of a demon. No woman in her right mind wants to control her husband."

"Is it right for a man to go to a beauty shop and let a woman style and cut his hair? You know what, couldn't you just picture John and Paul standing in line to go to the beauty shop? Couldn't you do that? You know, Paul says to Peter, "You go ahead and let her do your's first, I'm gonna see if I like it." Can't you just picture something like that? You know, the only way I know to answer that, Paul said (or the writer said), "When I was a child I spake as a child, when I become a man I put away childish things." Folks in the world they're called children of the world, and they do them kind of things. But now brother, when you get to be a child of God you just don't do them kind of things."

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