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Royal Blood - 1975 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"A lot of people speak of the serpent seed. I don't see the serpent seed like they do. I tell 'em openly I don't see it like they do. When they talk about the blood, and they talk about Cain being born of the beast, and Abel and Seth being born of a different bloodstream, I don't believe that. I don't believe that. I don't believe that the beast in the garden was the father of Cain, I don't believe that. There's no Bible for that. You say, "But Brother Branham taught it." Well God bless him, I believe he meant good, but I don't believe it because I can't prove it by The Bible. There's no proof in The Bible of any such thing. Somebody said, "Well they were naked in the garden." That don't prove nothing. God made 'em naked and left 'em naked, there was no condemnation. It was when they partook of the tree, and found out from the knowledge of that that they didn't have any clothes on, that they found out they were naked. So then there is a bloodstream, but one bloodstream. Not a bloodstream from Adam and a bloodstream from some beast. The Bible said God has made all nations of one blood, all men upon the earth, every man including Cain. Somebody said, "Well Brother Pike what do you mean? Do you mean that Cain could've been saved?" Any man that's a devil, just like Judas, by foreknowledge isn't gonna be saved. But he'd have the same opportunity."

"I want to make it clear again, I do not believe that any natural beast was the father of Cain. I do not believe that. I believe it was the tree of knowledge. It was a spiritual thing, because I've never seen a tree here in this world grow knowledge on it. How many of you ever seen a tree down here grow knowledge? Ever went by and got you a big hunk of knowledge off a tree down here? It just don't grow it, does it? Lemons and apples, yes, but not knowledge. The only kind of tree that you can get knowledge off of is human beings, how many of you know that? That's right. In other words, that was the kind of beast He was speaking of. He was talking about a man. He was talking about that lineage of Adam, that first Adam. That lineage that fell, that was the beast part. But the second man Adam is not flesh and bone. Jesus said He is a quickening spirit."

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