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Spirit of the Word - 1986 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"So then, speaking about the long dresses, a lot of people don't know it. Many people that follow Brother Branham, you know, because he taught the midi dresses and he said the midi dresses was alright. Of course, he did that because he figured he couldn't get 'em to do no better. But anyways, he, Brother Branham (if you remember), when he gave his vision he said he was caught up to the third pull, or, he went up beyond the veil, said the ladies had on the long dresses. So youcould tell what Brother Branham was wanting and what he was pointing for, and what he would like to have had. And that's a good thought for the Brother Branham followers, see, because we done come on over into another phase of the move now, and he said it was long dresses then. So some of 'em that say they belong to the Brother Branham following, they might better think this thing over and get to checking things out, because in that (as to the next pull) as to what he spoke about that he would be involved in. And remember, he's involved in this. When Paul went off of the scene he was involved in the next ministry. When the man before Paul went off the scene he was involved in Paul's ministry. And see and the ministry goes on and on and on, as the move of God, on to perfection. From the mini and then to the midi and then to the maxi, like I saw the vision. So this is gone to the maxi, and the vision I saw it said it had to be the maxi, and then the rain come. When I had the rod and they put on the maxi then the rain come. So it looks like we're getting plenty of rain right now."

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