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Spirit Witness - 1969 - Preached in Olive Branch, MS.

"I wanna tell you about a vision I had this morning. Most of the brethren I've already told it to them, and I wanna mention it. The Lord is doing something among us. This morning I was laying on my bed and I had a vision. I was on a landing up about six floors I guess it was, and I looked and there was a flight of white marble steps coming all the way up to this landing. And so far as I could tell it was the very top landing; I didn't see any steps that would go any higher. And during this time there was a man that come to me (I'll just kind of omit a little bit here), there was a man that come to me that was, I don't know he must have weighed a couple hundred pounds, a hundred and ninety-five pounds round-about, about forty years old or a little better, bald-headed in the front. And he come up to me this morning in a vision, and he had a Bible about like that Bible over there under his arm. And he come up to me, and as he come up I knew he was gonna talk about religion, so I purposed in my heart that I wouldn't answer him unless he could go to The Word with it. 'Cause I had kind of a strange feeling about him, I didn't know whether he was an angel or what he was. I knew he was a stranger; I knew I didn't know him. So I watched him as he come over and he seemed to be a pleasant fellow. He wasn't a jolly man and he wasn't a solemn man, but he was just kind of the average individual, and he seemed to be a pleasant sort of a man. And he come over to talk with me, and as he began to talk with me I looked at him, and I can't remember anything he said except just one or two little things here. One of 'em was, he said to me, he said, "This Bible (speaking of the Bible he had under his arm)," he said, "I've read this Bible through forty times," this is what the man said to me in the vision. "I've read this Bible though forty times." Well just immediately I began to say to him, "No that's not true. You've never read that Bible through forty times, because I can look at the white of your eyes and tell that you've never read it forty times. Because I know what it does to a man's eyes to read The Bible." And about the time I said it I felt kind of checked down in my heart. And I said (as I felt kind of checked), I looked at him and I said, "No, I shouldn't have said that. You're a stranger (and so forth) and I shouldn't have said that, because I don't know, maybe you did read The Bible through forty times. It's possible that maybe you did." And about that time he looked like he wanted to convince me, Brother Taylor, that he actually was a Bible scholar. So he turned around, and as he turned around there was a wall about, well somewhere about the distance of that wall, a little further. And he started walking off from me, and when he started walking off from me he translated before my eyes. I saw him as he faded away and translated and walked right through the wall. Then of course I looked and it was like a vision over there, and I saw seven other people was off in the distance. One of 'em kind of came forward, got pretty close to view to where I could almost make out who he was, he kind of resembled Brother Baldwin. And then he just went back into the spiritual realm or whatever it was."

- A vision Brother Pike had -

"The Lord Jesus opened the eyes of the blind in Palestine, and in this country He healed the deaf ears. He made the lame to walk, He raised the dead. He spoke words of revelation that nobody didn't understand. They couldn't even receive His sayings they was so deep, they couldn't even understand them. And even until this very day in The Bible, the greatest book on Earth, there's people that can't understand that Bible to save their lives. There's things in there that you can read after you've served God for ten years, and can't understand it to save your life. The Holy Spirit has to revelate it to you. The Bible said, "They're ever-learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." They've studied it in seminary, they've taken it apart, they've split hairs over it, they've done everything they know to do, and they still ain't got the revelation of it. Why? Because The Bible said God has hid these things. Who is it hid from? If it be hid to you it be hid to them that are lost. It be hid to them that are lost. If you can't get it it's hid to them that are lost. I wanna drop this in tonight: If you can't get revelation you're lost. I want you women to hear this, I want you daughters and sons to hear this, I want you men: If you can't get revelation you're lost. You're lost! Somebody said, "Well I don't believe I'm lost Brother Pike." It don't make any difference what you believe about it. If you can't get revelation you're lost, you've never got into the mind of God. You remember that. You can shout and jump and holler, speak in tongues and do what you want to, but if you can't get into spiritual revelation you're lost, because spiritual revelation is the mind of God."

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