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Stone of Offense - 1985 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

"We don't have that many that have a mind to work, but we do have some. We have a few. The Bible says in the days of Nehemiah they built back the walls because the people had a mind to work. Some people, believe it or not, they have a calling (according to their discernment and their ability to comprehend), and their calling is not to work. Whereas these kind of callings, they wind up in a shocking experience, and that is, that people with those kind of callings don't eat. 'Cause The Bible said if you don't work you don't eat. There is reward in all labor, but the talk of the lip only tends to penury. And if your calling is not to work then it's for sure that your calling is not to eat, because they're twins and they go together."

"One thing about Brother Noah, he was a worker. Family worked with him. I don't read that it ever, at any place, at any time, where it ever kept him from being spiritual. No doubt he hammered and sawed and nailed, and he was just as spiritual as he could be. He was so spiritual that the entire, well, let's say it like this: That humanity was saved through Noah. Humanity was saved through Noah. Noah found grace in the eyes of The Lord. You know why he found grace in the eyes of The Lord? Because he had a mind to work. And he built an ark because he worked. You know why Nehemiah found grace in the eyes of The Lord? Because he had a mind to work. He had it on his mind to do something for God. He kept thinking about the walls of Jerusalem, and how that the walls were all torn down, and how that if he just had the lumber, if he had the timbers, he would just build those walls back as a memorial unto God. And so then he just kept on working. He kept on trying. He kept on 'til he built the walls back."

"But you know what it is? We love the upper seats in the synagogues. We love to be called of men, 'Rabbi.' We like the salutations in the marketplaces. We're not seeking a place, as did Jesus, as to our example, to wash our brother's feet and to serve our brother. But we're seeking to figure out how we can get into a position where everybody will know us. To where they'll wash our feet, and they'll think about how famous and how fabulous we are. So then, we exalt ourselves, as to say people do this. And Paul said, "I say ‘we' to keep from saying 'you'." We exalt ourselves and then what happens? All of the sudden we're abased. He that humbleth himself, God will exalt him as He did David. And he that exalteth himself, as did Saul, God will abase him as He did Saul."

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