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The Anointed One - 1981 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"There is a world of difference between being the anointed one, in that you are born of the Holy Spirit, there's a world of difference in being that and being the anointed one (you are in the presence of the anointing). This was the great difference that was found between Adam and Jesus. Adam was the anointed one in the sense that he was in the presence of the anointing, or that is to say, the Shakinah glory of God was upon Adam. Adam, because he had this overshadowing of the great anointing of God (or the Shakinah of God), in that he had this great overshadowing, he was at that time the ruler of all things. He was the controller of all things, and God had given into his hands all things, because the anointing of God was upon Adam, in the sense of the overshadowing of the Shakinah. But again I say there was a difference between Adam and Jesus. Because Jesus was not the anointed one as an overshadowing of God's presence, but He was the anointed one as it was with Saul and David. He was the anointed one which had been born of the anointing, born of the Holy Spirit, and He was that one that had the inner fountain of that eternal anointing (or the fountain of anointing) that ever runs over in His being. As David said, "My cup runneth over," having a fountain in the house of David. God said, "I am a Holy Spirit. I am the eternal fountain of life, and I find no place in the earth except in the heart of my man David. I find a place in the heart of David, and though David's ways doesn't please me, but yet I find the place that I want to be in the meek humble heart of David.'"

"Folks there really is a body that's got nail prints in the hands, and there really is a body that's got a place for thorns upon the head. There really is a body that's got a gash in the side, and there really is a body that's got prints of nails in the feet. There really is a body that on His back it has been plowed like a field, and the scars are there, where it had cut down to the bone as He took the lashes. There really is a body where the beard was plucked out like this, that was spit upon, that was bruised with a cane, His countenance marred more than any man. There really is a body. You know what that body is? That body is a mutilated mess, so far as eyesight, with no beauty that anybody should desire Him. But it's a glorified perfection that nothing can even get near, let alone become its equality, that is, in the sight of God. It is that mutilated mass of blood that is yonder on the seat of atonement. And the only thing that keeps God's wrath off of me and you is He looks at that mutilated body, and that mutilated body (so to speak) speaks to Him, saying, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." And He can't get past that mutilated body to get to me and you to tear us apart like a lion."

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