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The Apostolic Succession - 1981 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"Many times, many hours, many days pass. I've set and talked with some of the brethren that are spiritual for hours and hours concerning spiritual things. Some of 'em, they have their treasure chest filled up. Some have dropped in occasionally and listened a little while and were gone, and some could not get into the revelation and had no interest. I've seen numbers of 'em that come among us that, they didn't find no interest, they'd stay a little while and then they were gone. And I've seen the same ones come to church, and we'd have an evangelist who was exciting, and they'd just, they would literally run over crying in the altars and just having themselves a time. And I'd rejoice with 'em because I knew before that they were just babies, and they were little babes, and they didn't understand, and needed the milk of the word. And I just let 'em, you know. Well, you can tell if a person is in the flesh very much. They won't be around the brotherhood very much. They'll be eating and drinking, or with their wife, or going with their families, or visiting, or doing something. They'll be out somewhere, you know, in something natural. Their mind will be on making money, as I said the other night, or about houses or doing something that's natural minded. But The Bible said the meat is for the strong, they who have by reasoning, reasoning exercised their senses. You know the way you exercise the senses is by reason, not by jumping, hollering, shouting or dancing. You don't exercise the senses by doing the things of the world, or deciding, you know, that you want to visit with a relative or whatever. You exercise your senses by meditating in the word of God day and night, and by getting into the revelation of Jesus, and listening to what the spirit has to say to the churches."

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