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The Condition of the Church - 1988 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

“You know, speaking of these things, he says here to warn the queens, the kings, the rulers, the presidents, the leaders, the celebrities, the statesman, the dignitaries, warm them. They are not in charge. The ministry is in charge, the prophets of God are in charge. Though they have a place in the world, and though they have great education, and though they have college degrees, and though many people be billionaires, yet they’re not in charge. We, as the ministers of God, we are in charge of the whole earth. We’re in charge of the government. We’re in charge of everything. Though they suppress us, and though they kill out God’s people, and though they drive them, we are the true government, the legislative powers of right. And the things that should be come from the church, not from Congress.”

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