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The Dispute - 1988 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

“See, as long as I’m in this tabernacle, Peter said, “I’m in this house,” this is the house of God, I am in this house. Paul said, “And I’m a wise master-builder, I must build the house of God.” You’re the lively stones that’s built up into a Holy priesthood, a habitation for God. I am a body for the spirit. I am a house, see, and in this house (at our birth a lot of times), in this house it has to be thoroughly inspected because the plague strikes in there and sin strikes in there. But then when Christ the high priest goes into there, by the new birth (as to the resurrection), ascends into Heaven and coming back at Pentecost to live in this little house, to be in this little house with me, the spiritual angelic being on the inside. When He comes in there He lives in there with me and He inspects my place of abode, and looks over it. He looks over this body (the Bible said be Holy in body and spirit). And He begins to look over my body and then He sees the plague of sin, and then as it was when they come out of Egypt, the midnight cry, they took the blood, they put it over the door posts, they took the hyssop and washed, we say, ‘whiter than the snow.’ “Though thy sins be as scarlet I shall make them as white as wool.” And so then here it is as to the lamb, He makes us white as the wool (the blood of the lamb). So then when the high priest, even the Holy Ghost, the spirit of Christ, when He’s in this little temple He’s inspecting, He’s looking all around, and then He sees this plague, and then He says, “I can take care of it, I can take care of it.” Say, “How you gonna do that?” “By the washing of the water of the word. I’m just gonna wash it out. I’m gonna wash it out because this is something that you’ve inherited from your first birth. It came from the first man Adam, but I see that you are the predestinated and this thing does not have an extensive run in your life. I’m going to blot it out here because your name is wrote down in the Lamb’s Book of Life, and this plague does not have your soul. I just blot it out.” See, so if I law down to die and my man moves out of it, God takes it and He washes it, And purges it through the fire, and then He brings it back up and He says, “Enter back in.” So we go right back into the little house, the resurrection, and up comes the little house and we continue in it. But if the plague is otherwise then the little house goes down into the flames of Hell, and there it’s burned, because He looks and He says, “This thing that’s in this little house, this is a blasphemy that you cannot get forgiveness of. This is a sin that cannot be eradicated. This is the willful sin that there’s no atonement for. You have done wrong, you’re one of the predestinated that’s foreordained unto condemnation because God saw your wretched way of doing, and you didn’t call on Him. So this thing is like cancer, it’s terminal, the end of it is the lake of fire.” Well anyway, the dispute is over the body. It’s over the body, and I wanted to get around to saying this. It’s over the body, and that’s why that we speak of the rent veil. The rent veil, when Jesus came at Calvary, The Bible said, and the veil was rent in twain. From top to bottom, The Bible says. And The Bible says the earth did quake and the rocks rent in twain, because it was at Calvary when He cried out. Again, He cried with a loud voice and The Bible said He yielded up the ghost, and then the veil was rent in twain.”

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