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The End of Grace - 1976 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"How many of you know that there's one spirit, many operations? A lot of times I'll say 'the anointing of revelation drops,' you know, and most people they take the idea, "Well I've got the Spirit of God and that's revelation, so that's it." So then Brother Pike, he's looked on, you know, like something, some kind of freak because he preaches different. But I want you to know this morning that there's one spirit but many operations. There may be an operation of miracles, there may be an operation of discernment, and there may be an operation of prophecy, there may be an operation of tongues or interpretation, or many other things. But there is also an operation of revelation, and The Bible said pray that God will give unto you the spirit of revelation. Now if you've got the spirit of God, and that's all that matters is that you've been born again, then why did Paul say pray that God would grant unto you the spirit of revelation? He was speaking of another operation. Just like God is a spirit, but in the Book of Revelation it says 'the seven spirits of God before the throne.' Now how many believe God is seven spirits? See, it has to do with the church ages that is ever in the presence of God, and the angelic messengers that stand there in the great presence of the Almighty God. Now, so then if we speak of revelation, the spirit of revelation, I speak of it for this reason: I believe the only gospel is the spirit of revelation, I believe that in my heart. And God has given unto me the spirit of revelation, for which I am very grateful. I'm very thankful, and as Paul said, in my heart there is much revelation. I love it, I thrill at the thoughts of it, the voice of revelation thrills me beyond measure."

"The Lord showed me Brother Branham's death in Hialeah, and then took me over into Miami, put the ring on my finger and then the Angel of God appeared to me."

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