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The End of the Second Heaven - 1993 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"The door was opened, and immediately He went to Calvary, rent the veil in two, and there was the kingdom. The kingdom come. What was the kingdom? It was Christ. It is Christ in you the hope of glory. Christ is the fullness of God, and God is the fullness of all things, all things emanate from God. So then Christ in God is to be one, and that means that Christ is the kingdom. And when your spirit is translated into the spirit of Christ by faith, then that means that you have entered into the kingdom. And if Christ goes into you, receiving the holy spirit of Christ, then you have the kingdom of God on the inside, and you are inside of the kingdom. So it is a spiritual world, it is a spiritual thing. Paul said, "I'd like to speak unto you as unto spirituals. Pray that God would grant unto you the spirit of revelation," because it is our spirit. See, The Bible says that we are gods. How can we be gods? He said, "Ye are gods." If they to whom the word of The Lord come hath been called gods, how much more are ye gods, He could have said. Ye are gods. Ye shall die like men for lack of understanding. You've never transformated your mind, as to develop it to the place to where you understand lots of knowledge. Lots of 'know,' as to wisdom and knowledge. "But with wisdom and knowledge," Solomon said, "Get understanding." Not very much understanding. So how then can you be a god? You are a god because you are equal with angels, angels cannot die. In Heaven ye are as the angels, and The Bible said God makes His angels ministering spirits. So that means you are a spiritual being in God's world, and God is looking at you inwardly, in what's called the inward man."

"So we have passed from death unto life, because the soul that sinneth shall surely die, and the sentence of death was in our body. So we died to that. And now we have a new body sitting at the right hand of the heavenly father, which someday will be made known, people will see that, because that's what we'll be. Everyone that hath this hope in believing that they will be like Him at His appearing, they will be like Him. So then that means that we will be changed. This faith will transfigure us just like it did Enoch, when Enoch was translated by faith that he should not see death. So we are angelic beings, we are dwelling in Heaven, and we are gods, because angels are gods. They cannot die, we are now equal to angels. That's why that Satan said to Adam and Eve, said to Eve, "Thou shalt not surely die, but God does know that in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt become as gods, and your eyes shall be opened to know good and evil." And it was true, they did become as gods, because Lucifer is an angel, and he is a god. And demon spirits are fallen angels entered into those bodies, and Lucifer into those bodies, which made them bodies as gods. But that doesn't mean that they are a god, as to a god that is eternal, as to the Christ that enters into us that gives us eternal life. But 'as gods,' that is reflectors. "Ye shall become as gods," and even God made the statement, "Now they've become as one of us." But folks let me tell you, when you are born again you become a god. You are a son of God, that means that you are a god, and that means that you are eternal because you are now a spiritual being. As the last man Adam was made a quickening spirit, which means that He was made an angelic being, and He went away as they saw Him ascend into the heavens."

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