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The Garden of Today - 1996 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"So the lie was born. He said, "Ye shall not surely die, but God does know in the day that you eat thereof your eyes shall come open, and ye shall be as gods." And sure enough, Eve believed it. She went to Adam and persuaded Adam, and though Adam was not in the original transgression, receiving what Eve had to say about it, then he transgressed against God. And so where transgression comes sin comes, and where sin comes death comes. For wherever there is iniquity God cannot fellowship it, and the springtime of life withdrew, and the flowers were gone, and the birds singing were gone, and the beauty of the garden that was without spot or blemish was gone, hid away, and won't be restored until the coming millennium."

"You know, The Bible says to meditate in His laws day and night. From early morning until the night we should be meditating in His word, in His laws, in His thoughts. The multitude of His thoughts, they're so precious, so beautiful and so sweet. And we always meditate day and night in His laws, and pray always without ceasing, always talking about God. For The Bible said, "He that keepeth his mind stayed upon Christ Jesus shall have perfect peace," and it's only when our minds begin to deviate and get off of The Lord Jesus, or off of the great Holy Spirit, that we have problems. And aside from that (as a rule) we don't have any problems. But in that all of the paths of God are peace, and we keep our minds stayed upon Him, then He brings us peace."

- This message was ministered over the telephone, and is possibly the last sermon that Brother Pike preached at Little Bethlehem -

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