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The Harlot House - 1966 - Preached in High Point, NC.

"Speaking of the harlot's house, never before has people, in their religious ways of life, turned to the harlot that God spoke of in the Book of Revelation. Surely God has been good to America, and He's blessed the world around us, and He's given the good things of life. But when God has fed them to the full, then they turn, and by troops they assemble themselves into the great whore's house, into the harlot's house, and they are wise to do evil, but not wise to do good."

"And in this hour in which we live we see an end of all things. We see that the government is at an end. That the politicians of our day have become very wicked, very evil, and we can't depend upon them any more. We can't trust them any more."

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