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The Last Trumpet Sounded - 1981 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"My ministry has been a little unusual. It's not unusual in the sense that everybody, you know, every minister has an unusual ministry. Because every minister is a member of the body, and he has his own unique ministry in doing something for Jesus. So every ministry is very unique and different. But mine is unique and different in this way: I do not plan a sermon, I do not plan a message, I do not make notes. Since I came into the revelation of The Lord Jesus I do not pick a scripture, I do not plan a sermon. I never know what I'm gonna speak from, I never know where I'm gonna read from. When I come to the sacred desk, as a rule, it's always that I come and open my Bible, and what He gives me that's what I preach from. And this has been this way for many years. Used to I would plan my sermon, I would take my text, I would come up, I would have everything outlined pretty well, as to what I was planning to do. And I would come up and I would go to preach, and The Lord would completely change it. It would just be completely all together different from the scripture I had read and what I had said. And it just bothered me so much 'til I said, "Dear God, you're gonna do the preaching, so you can just do the reading and everything else. You just tell me what and where, and that's what we'll do." So I started doing that, and I don't recommend it to anybody because everybody has to do whatever they have to do. But there was a few things that He laid down for me, and one of 'em was that I should never take personal offerings from anybody. I should never go out and take personal offerings, that was another thing. He said to me very clearly, He said, "The priests love gifts and gifts pervert judgement. I don't want you to do that, I'll take care of all your needs," so I've never done it."

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