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The Mark of the Beast - 1975 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. God is a spirit, and God has never changed His nature. He's never changed His thinking. He's never changed His outlook. He's angry with the wicked every day of the week, and He'll pursue the wicked until they perish from off the face of the earth, and until He drives them out of His presence into eternity! That's what God will do. Grace is a period of time that is given for you to prepare yourself to meet God. That's all it is. It is a period of time, God hasn't changed one bit. God did not give grace, as some preachers preach it, so that you can just go to God, get saved as they say, just believe that everything is gonna be alright, and it'll be alright. Now that's what they preach. They say, "Don't do nothing but believe, 'cause there's nothing you can do, and everything will be alright." They're a liar, that's a lie. God didn't send them preachers to preach no such, that's a lie. There is more for you to do than just say 'I believe.' The Bible said if a man comes to your dwelling and he's hungry, and he needs clothes, and you say to him, "Go thy way and be filled, go thy way and be clothed," and the apostle said, "not withstanding you don't give him those things that's needful for the body, then what have you profited the man? What good have you done him?" You've not done him any good, you should have given him something. He said, "Even so, faith without works is dead." Being alone, faith can do nothing."

"Folks you can be sure of one thing: It ain't gonna be but a few days hence, and you'd'a wished not only that you'd'a stayed all night and listened to the preacher (many many multiplied times), but you'd'a wished that you'd'a stayed all night on those prayer bones many times when you was sleeping. You'd'a wished that you'd'a give hundreds and thousands of those dollars to God to save those people that's dying and going to Hell in the heathen countries, and feed the little pot-bellied babies that's starving (in that he that giveth to the poor lendeth to God). In that day when you stand before Him and He says, "I was hungry and you didn't feed me, I was naked and you didn't clothe me, I was sick and in prison but you never visited me." And they're gonna say, "Lord when saw we you like this? I was a good church member, I was a good goer. You know I listened good, you know I was as religious as I could be." Then you begin to think back, "I spent everything I had on a rocking chair or a telephone, money to feed my belly." The Bible said all their labor is for their belly 'cause their belly craves it of them. They've made their belly their god, that's what Jesus said. He said they've made their belly their god, that's Bible. And they realize that they spent it all on groceries for their belly. All on sofas and chairs and tables and what-nots, and this and that, and the young-uns. Never giving nothing to God. Every now and then maybe taking ten or fifteen cent, or squeezing out a dollar. If they ever got up to five dollars they set a record. Not giving nothing to God, not giving nothing to God. Squeezing the pennies out to God and all the rest of it going down the drain. But I'll tell you something folks, you go on and take your mountain vacations, do the things that you wanna do. Go to the lakes and the streams and what-not. Spend your money, throw it away, live it up. Give it to everybody but God. And then at the end of the way you're gonna find out what I meant. Take your trips to mamma or go home to visit. Live up your parties, buy you a new car, get whatever you want. Let the brethren take the load, let them that take the cross have to squirm underneath the load. Make excuses why you can't do it, just go ahead. Like the song I wrote, 'excuses excuses oh what will you do?' One said, "I married a wife," God said, "that ain't good enough." Another said, "Well I gotta bury my dead father," He said, "that ain't good enough either." Somebody said, "Well I bought some land," He said, "that ain't good enough either." (Gotta pay on it, ya know). Somebody said, "Well I bought some oxen, I need a chance to try 'em out," He said, "that ain't good enough either." Somebody said, "Well I had to go see my mother and daddy," "that ain't good enough either." "I just had to get a little rest and take a vacation," "that ain't good enough either." "I had to hold back a little bit 'cause I didn't know whether I could make it to the end of the month or not," "that ain't good enough either." Somebody said, "Well I had to pay my bills," "that ain't good enough either." No excuse, there ain't none. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and I'll take care of the rest," He said, "all these other things will be added. I'll supply all your needs according to my riches in glory." You love The Lord?"

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