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The Master Has Come - 1977 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

"The Bible teaches that if we are to teach, then we must communicate with Him who is taught in all things. If I am to tell you or advise you, then it is necessary for me to be in touch with Him. If I am not in touch with Him then I will do you exactly like Aaron did the people. The people pressed the ministry, and they want something, and the ministry gets the idea that, "If I don't do something, and do something in a hurry, that they're gonna run off and leave me, and they're gonna get them another evangelist." And all of the sudden the ministry begins to do something. You say, "What do they do?" They begin to make some golden calves. They begin to shout, and they begin to take up an offering. You know it takes a big offering to make a golden calf. And everybody has themselves a time. But there's coming a day, brothers and sisters, when Moses is gonna grind it up and put it in the water, and they're gonna have to swallow it down, and it's gonna be a bitter dose. There came a day when Elijah called the prophets of Jezebel to a showdown, and it was a bitter dose. We're coming to the hour when it's going to be a bitter dose. You might say, "But Brother Pike I'm a fasting man." That doesn't answer the situation. Somebody said, "But I'm a praying man." But that doesn't answer the situation. I've fasted, that didn't answer it. I've prayed hours upon hours but that didn't answer it. Amen. I've been down in the morning and not come up 'til the evening, I've been down in the evening and not come up 'til the morning, but that didn't answer it. There's more to it than that. You say, "What is it Brother Pike?" There is a time that you must sit and listen to God. There is a time that you must learn, and nobody is gonna get it any different. Every person is going to go the same route. And these heaped-up suped-up get-it-quicks, it will be ground up and put into the water, and they'll have to swallow it down, and it'll be a bitter dose."

"During this camp meeting I hope we have some healings. If we don't have some healings then we wouldn't have much of a camp meeting. I hope we'll cast out some devils, because if we didn't it wouldn't be much of a camp meeting. People need devils cast out of 'em, people need to be healed, and I hope that we'll do all of these things, I believe we will. But there's something we need more than to cast out devils, casting out devils is not enough. The Bible said when the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, it'll wander through dry places seeking rest, and then it'll return. So then there's more to it than casting out devils. There's more to it than praying, there's more to it than fasting. There's more to it than a person receiving a miracle or being healed. Jesus worked a miracle (or a healing), and Jesus said, "Go thy way and sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you." So it takes more than that. The devil can come back and the sickness can come back, so it's gonna take more than that. What is it all about? Not miracles. Healings, that's not what it's all about. To tell somebody their thoughts, that's not what it's all about. But God said, "It is by my spirit." What do we need? The spirit of revelation."

"I said this the other night: When the writer demanded that the people come into the spirit of revelation, he was not talking to sinners.I wanna remind you of that. Somebody said, "Brother Pike I've got the spirit of God, and what God was trying to do is tell them sinners they need to get the spirit of God." No that wasn't it at all. He wasn't talking to sinners, because The Bible says, "We know that God heareth not sinners." Why would Paul tell sinners to pray for the revelation, or the spirit of revelation, when The Bible said God heareth not sinners? He was talking to the church people. They had already repented, they had already received God, but Paul had something they didn't have. He had something Peter didn't have. Come on. Somebody'd say, "Brother Pike, you believe that Paul had something Peter didn't have? When Peter raised the dead, and cast out devils, and his shadow healed people." Paul had something Peter didn't have! That's why that Paul said, "I blamed Peter to his face because he was to be blamed." Peter had the keys to the kingdom, but Paul had the revelation of Jesus Christ! Somebody would say, "You mean to tell me that Peter did not have the revelation of Jesus Christ?" Peter did not have the revelation of Jesus Christ! Paul had the revelation of Jesus Christ! That's how he was able to blame Peter to his face. Peter had the keys to the kingdom, he opened it both to the Jews and to the Gentiles. Now, Paul shared the revelation of Jesus Christ with Peter, and ole' Peter said, "Paul says some things hard to be understood. That fellow has got something."'

"See, not only is there the Word of God, which is The Bible, but there is a revelation in the hour for which we are now living. It's like I said this morning, when I was over in Israel that was wonderful. I walked where Elisha lay. I walked where Abraham lay. I walked along where Sarah was, Joseph and the brethren, and many of the great wonderful patriarchs of old. I was there, I stood on the sod, as some of you have. And there they lay beneath the dirt, and I couldn't help but think how wonderful and magnificent it was. I thought, "Lord this is such a wonderful thing. How great it is, the very dust of the earth out of which Adam was made, I'm close to it." And I said, "Somewhere God, Adam and Eve is laying down beneath this dirt, and Abraham and Joseph and the brethren!" I thought it so wonderful. "And King David, hallelujah, Goliath," I said, "they're laying down. And many multiplied others. They're laying down." I said, "And this is the place where Jesus Himself, my savior, laid down in the sod. Where Lazarus lay and you awoke him." I said, "God this is the place." But The Lord spoke to me. I said, "This is wonderful. Oh that all the world could see it." But God said, "Son a living prophet is better than a dead prophet." But I said, "God this is the prophets of old!" But He said, "You're a son of God!" Hallelujah! And He said, "There's none greater than the sons of God! No prophet!" Oh I'll tell you what, I said, "Praise God." I was feeling better all the while, all the while. And then God began to talk to me about Little Bethlehem, and He said to me, He said, "Son them folks at Little Bethlehem are alive with my spirit! They're not dead. They're not laying down in the soil." He said, "But they are alive, they're breathing. They can testify, and shout the victory, and tell people of the glory of God." He said to me, He said, "Isn't that greater?"

“When we come to the place to where we esteem the riches of God, or the sufferings of Christ, greater riches than the treasures of Egypt, then God will do something for us.”

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