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The Mind of Transformation - 1995 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"When it happened it indicated that man had fell, because the part of the Godhead that fell was man. For man was a part of the Godhead, and he showed the realm of the Son, even Adam, who was a figure of Him to come. And God had intended to make Adam God. But Satan got in, and in the conception of the wrong thing (through the weakness of the flesh) no good thing within the flesh came. And the sentence of death was thus in man, because the carnal mind is enmity with God, and God cannot subject it to Him, nor have anything to do with it."

"The Bible said, concerning Steven, that they could not withstand the wisdom by which he spake, and they beheld his face as that of an angel, which means illuminated, for angels are lights. And that Moses had to put the veil over his face, because they could not steadfastly look at that which was beyond the veil, as to that light that Moses covered with a veil. They couldn't look at it. So they had to put a veil on to show Jesus, the prophet like unto. Which meant, when He come, God would be within the veil. And the promise that God had made to Abraham would suddenly come, as to the promised son, as to the time of the promise drawing near, which Isaac was a symbol of. And as to natural Israel, Isaac. As to us, Jesus."

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