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The Mount of Transfiguration - 1980 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"And to me, to get right with God means that you need to know the Revelation of Jesus Christ. The revelation which is a present day truth for the hour in which we live. The Revelation of Jesus Christ that we need to make the translation, as I related to you concerning the transfiguration on the mount."

"Now this is what I believe, folks. I believe that you've got to have the spirit of Holiness, your fruits unto Holiness, and the end thereof eternal life. Because God is the spirit of Holiness."

"Let me say this, you need the Revelation of Jesus Christ. You need it. If you haven't got the spirit of revelation then The Bible tells me to tell you to pray that you may receive the spirit of revelation. I guess some of you take my words real lightly, because I say this over and over as a reminder, though I know that you know it."

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