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The Pearl of Great Price - 1985 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"What should I be doing with my spirit? I should be training it, I should be subduing it, I should be indoctrinating it, I should be developing it, I should be commanding it, I should get control of it. "How can I do that Brother Pike?" In that, my spirit commands me. My spirit is the only form of life. My spirit controls my brain and my body, how then can I command my spirit? You can command your spirit by letting The Lord Jesus Christ put His spirit in your spirit. And His spirit will become a head, and a leadership, and a mind, and a constraint. The love of God will constrain you. And His spirit will command your spirit, and that unto the performance of righteousness day by day. And will help you to cast down imagination, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God. It will help you to bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Jesus Christ. And then your spirit can command your body to the right performance."

"The reason that your cup don't overflow, and the reason that you don't just have a filled up overflowing joy, there's one reason: you've never seen the pearl of great price. You've never seen it. Oh but you say, "I'm a believer, Brother Pike." I know, but you've never seen the pearl of great price. You've never seen it. You've never found it, you've never looked upon it, never. That's why that you don't get in and go on with God. That's why you're out here part of the time, and in here part of the time. That's why your mind is on God part of the time, and on self part of the time, on money part of the time, and on spiritual things part of the time. It's because you've never seen the pearl, you've never found the pearl, you've never run across it. You say, "How can you prove that, Brother Pike?" Because The Bible says that when you see this pearl of great price you will sell all that you've got. You won't have anymore ambitions to be a great singer, and a great leader, and a great dignitary. And you won't be anxious to be a great wife, and a great husband, and a great mother, and a great father, and great business man, and a great celebrity, and great money man. You won't be interested in none of that. You'll sell out completely. You'll have one thought, and that is that pearl of great price, when you see it. I seen it folks, that's why I sold out. That's why today I don't have any interest in anything but that pearl."

"You know, it's like in the world, a little one just messes his clothes up completely, and the mother has to look after him. Spiritual babies do that. There's spiritual mothers that look after them. They lose their temper, they fly off the handle, they get all upset, they get all out of sorts. They'll give you a piece of their mind. They'll slip back and meddle around in the world, and watch a little TV, and read this over there, and little babes get mixed up in all kinds of mess. You just have to wash 'em and clean 'em up. Change their little garments."

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