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The Quickening - 1993 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"It's just gonna be by His spirit, not by power or might. He esteems His spirit, as to His word, above His name. So then it's going to be in His name, through His name, but it's going to be Him that does the work. And if you try to do anything on your own that's gonna be your spirit; if you try to incorporate anything into your life and your ministry, that's your doings. And if you're going to yield your body that you might let God put you on as a garment, or be baptized into Christ as to put on Christ's body, which allowed God to live and dwell fully in that body, if you want to be that body, if you want to go into the marriage supper with that spotless robe of the lamb, then everything's gonna be alright. If you've just got a lot of ambitions, ideas, theology, whatever you might have, it amounts to nothing in the sight of God. He has no time for it, He doesn't care for it. He's not looking for somebody with a program and a plan and a vision. He's looking for somebody with a body that's ready to yield it to Him that He might use His program, His plan, and His vision."

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