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The Revelation of Jesus Christ - 1975 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

“Now I disagree with people that say you just get baptized in Jesus’ name and that’s it. I don’t believe that. When a man’s baptized in Jesus’ name and born again into the spirit, he is then a little toddling baby. He is just then getting his eyes open. When he’s born again and baptized in Jesus’ name he’s a little bitty baby that don’t know nothing about nothing. He needs to be tutored, and The Bible said that the Holy Ghost, the spirit of God, will guide him into all the truth and righteousness of God. That’s where the church is, the church has been a little bitty baby. It couldn’t do nothing but crawl and say, “Goo,” that’s why it speaks in tongues so much. The first great revival of the latter times that ever broke out, and the first revival that broke out at Pentecost, it was a baby! They began to speak in tongues, the little babies say, “Goo goo goo,” that’s all they know. And then when the revelator come along Paul said, “That’s wonderful.” Hallelujah. There’s nothing better than hearing a baby say, “Goo goo goo.” Isn’t that right? Hallelujah. The Holy Spirit just trying to speak, and the little baby don’t know to say it, and the Holy Spirit moving. The Bible said, “With stammering lips and other tongues shall I speak unto this people, and for all of this, saith The Lord, they won’t hear me.” And the little baby just kicking his feet, you know, jumping up and down and shouting, having a good time saying, “Goo goo goo.” Hallelujah. Paul said, “But that won’t do,” he said, “if all of you come together in the church and everybody’s speaking in tongues they’ll say you’re crazy. They’ll say you’re mad.” Somebody said, “Well he blasphemed the Holy Ghost.” I don’t believe he did. Now a lot of folks say, “Well don’t you know that speaking in tongues is the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost?” Where you ever read it? I challenge anybody in the world to prove that. There ain’t no scripture nowhere in The Bible that proves that! If that is true then Paul blasphemed the Holy Ghost when he said greater is he that prophesy than he that speak with tongues! Why would he call a man greater to prophesy than speaking in tongues? If speaking in tongues is the initial evidence then Paul got the cart before the horse. Isn’t that right?”

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