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The Seven Angels - 1983 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"When we come together let's seek the meat of The Word. I want the meat of The Word, see I'm not interested in the other. Even though I know we have to have some singing and clapping of the hands and shouting, and go through the routines that we go through. I know that we have to have that for babes to keep babes alive, I know that. But as for me, I don't need any singing, I don't need any music, I don't need anything. I can just sit down somewhere in a room and all night long get into the Spirit of God, and stay all night long. I can just drop down by my bedside and talk to God."

"We need to come to God's house to learn about God, and not get into a religious routine (as I said this morning). We need to make this a life, not a custom, to come to church. We need to make this a life, this is supposed to be a life. You ladies don't wear those dresses, those long dresses, out of routine just because you're at Bethlehem. That's not the way to do it, and I know that some of you have done that. That's why some of 'em that's left Bethlehem, as quick as they got away, they changed their style, because they never did wear it for God to start with. It was a constraint because they were on the campground, they never did have it in their heart to start with to be a lady. "Well you don't have to wear a long dress to be a lady," I feel like you do. Now you don't have to wear a long dress to be a woman, but to be a real lady I feel like you have to wear a long dress. Somebody said, "Well I don't see it that way." I know it, because you need to be born again. If you was born again you'd see it that way. But as long as you're reasoning in your mind and not looking at The Bible you're not gonna see it that way."

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