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The Spirit of The Lord is Upon Me - 1979 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"So then, when the Angel of The Lord came upon them, when they were out in the fields. The Bible said the shepherds watching over their sheep by night, or their flock by night. All of the sudden the Angel of The Lord came upon them! Now how could the Angel of The Lord come upon them? You know when we think, we think in terms of manhood, and you think about an angel that's bigger than man, some great giant of a person falling upon you. So, we know that isn't what God was saying. It means that an angel is a spirit. That it is a great light. And this great Angel of God, this great spiritual being, came upon them as they were out there. The Bible said that when Jesus was praying in the wilderness, fasting, seeking, all of the sudden the Angel of The Lord came to Him. The angels of God ministered to Him. You know, a lot of times when I'm in need in my spirit, I have need of encouragement and I have need of strength, God will send the Spirit of The Lord, or He will send the angelic host, and they will minister to me."

"Now we appreciate those that come to find fault, you know, because we know that those are children of the devil. They come to cause us trouble, and we appreciate the fact that they come in and reveal themselves, that way we don't have to worry about them."

"Now then a lot of people are not spiritual. Paul said, "I would that you be spiritual." A lot of people don't even have the Spirit of God on the inside, so God can't communicate with them. A lot of people are just not spiritual. They are natural, they are carnal. All they think about is eating and drinking and frolic, and the things of the world. The appetites of the body, that's all they're interested in. The only thing that ever speaks to them is their own spirit. And The Bible said, "Know ye not that the spirit within you lusteth unto envy?" That that spirit on the inside of you, that life that God has given you as far as a human life, that it is a lustful spirit that lusts unto envy. That all it does is lust after the passions of the body, and lust after food. It lusts after riches and the things of this world, because Satan has interwoven himself on the inside with that spirit. And that Satan is in control of that life, and that life, that life is in Satan's hands. That life is in the hands of a parasite. But God's spirit, when God's spirit comes in, it eradicates the darkness, it moves out all of that. And then our life becomes one life with God. And then the mind that speaks to us is not our own mind, where as The Bible says lean not to your own understanding, but trust in The Lord with all your heart. Cast down imagination, every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, bringing into captivity to the obedience of Christ every thought."

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