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The Tree of Death - 1989 - Preached at Love's Temple in Monroe, GA.

"You are born a bastard child. In your first birth you come into this world and you are a bastard child, and you are naked in the sight of God. You are naked in a degraded way in the sight of God because you are without the garment of God. The first thing that man did when he fell from the garden was he fell into iniquity, because he was overshadowed (as we say), or he was illuminated with the brightness of the glory of God, as to the Shakinah glory. And he was covered with the Shakinah glory of God, and he was not naked. There was nothing naked about him nor nothing naked about his wife. The terms here are used that they were naked and not ashamed. They were naked so far as having any garments on this physical being. But that did not matter because they had a heavenly garment on. They had a glorified garment on, they had the Shakinah glory of God to cover them. And they were looking at each other with pure eyes, and they were looking at each other through the word of God and through the mind of God. And they saw each other as something pure and something virtuous and something holy and something good. See, they did not see each other as being naked, as the way that you term nakedness, as to the degraded thing that happened to them after that they'd communicated with Lucifer by partaking of the tree of knowledge."

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